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foods of the gods…and me?

my people! been a while here, pls wait a little while i do some cleaning here *using tractor to clear the vegetation*..done. ive tried writing  i had to attend to other  IMPORTANT things  (south park, sleeping, eating, twitter, eBay)…it can be hard relocating, i advise any one trying to move to cover every possible channel to make the transition seamless. OK, now to the topic at hand, food of the gods. by gods i mean humans, cos there is only one God, dats the Almighty! can any one guess? rice? no, try again…yam? no….did some one say chicken and chips? no jokes pls, dis is serious QnA period.. OK,im talking about bread. yes, bugan, agege has several names. i searched for the food most consumed on Google and bread came up…all over the world, people consume large amount of bread daily. it also has its root in history, both biblical and scientific. Even Jesus had to mention bread in one of the chapters of the is ubiquitous( hehehe, trying out some “oyinbo english” ) and consumed by everybody, from the well-mannered molue drivers in Lagos to the attention-seeking reality-Tv stars in the U.S( i no mention name oh)..ow does dat relate to me? well, aldo my cooking skills is average(must-know-how-to-cook-or-u-are-doomed foods- e.g rice, yam), i will rather beg my lovely sisters to help me out with the cooking. my interest in cooking has always been low, of which i attribute dat to the amount of female children my dad has. well, i was reflecting on the quantity of bread i ve consumed, and i can clearly put myself out as a world ambassador for bread..the ease at which one can consume bread rather than wait cannot be overemphasize. a classic day without momsi leaving any cooked food involved bread, peanut butter, cranberry juice and one liter of cold, clean water…and im okay for dat day. did i hear lazy me? no, not at all. its jst dat period of preparing d food i don’t like, i reserve my cooking skills to dire times when dere is no other option…well, dats about to change cos i changed my residence lately,and my dear sisters are not around( i do miss them) its jst me and momsi, God bless dat woman, she is too much.and i don’t like disturbing her.also getting African food here is so expensive here dat i don’t mind driving a mile to my sister’s place jst to eat pounded yam or amala, stuffs like dis makes me miss Home. well, im glad to be back here, school season jst started, so its goin to be anoda mini break but i hope it wont be long till i come around…in other news Madrid defeated Barca, its always nice to see barca lose aldo dey outplayed Madrid yet again hopefully United will win deir birth-right i.e EPL tittle .  adios my ppl, ur comments are appreciated…no time to correct my typos , sorry


Bitten……by the blog bug!

hi people.. …basic introduction- my name is oladimeji, 7ft.5inches(u have to believe dat), student, 15 yrs old(0), male(had to state dat immediately, the world is changing people!)…..well the rest isn’t important…before i continue, whenever you see this;(0) or (1) at the end of a sentence, it means the information is false or true. OK, now to business, why the blog? someone might ask//well, ive been reading a lot(0) and something inside me has always wanted to express itself, writing isn’t new to me although i will say creating this blog after previously claiming i would not means ive been bitten and infected with the blog virus…thank God it is free. so im going to use this as a medium to open up myself to the world,learn to accept criticism from readers in order to improve myself, convey information to others among several other things..until i can cure myself… people, i welcome you and hopefully we can help shape our intellectual beings together….domo arigato..yeah, i speak Japanese too, English is my third language , so overlook the grammatical errors  (0)….

Hello world!

Boredom( first son of loneliness) can bring the worst out of a man….and can also make you do things you wont even think of doing…looking for positive ways to free my mind