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When They Don’t Love You Back

Simply stated, we need to get rid of some players…it is that simple…arsenal flying now because they had to “shed weight”.. We have ImageToo many players in our squad that are below par. we need to get rid of them as well as look for credible replacement for the old pillars of the team. the Game against man city made it clear to all, changes has to be made. i am going to list the players that are not befitting of a team like United
1. Anderson
2. Young
3. Valencia
the next few are on the list but they get a little “pass” because they are still young
4. Cleverly
5. Welbeck
7. buttner
8. Evans
the old pillars that must leave/find replacements
8. Evra
9. Ferdinand
10. Giggs
we need to spend, focus on credible youth players. SAF’s magic is gone, the team must move on