I think digital textbooks are better than traditional textbooks. First of all, they represent a technological advancement with the goal of being conservative with the available natural resources. Digital or online textbooks are ecologically friendly as they do not require cutting of trees to make printing paper. They are also portable. Traditional textbooks are physically bigger, hefty and very heavy and can be worrisome for students. Online textbook options allow the students the ease of portability. Online books are also more accessible. Rather than going to bookstores, the ease of accessibility is afforded for online books with the use of the internet. Online books are also cheaper, and offer a better way of sharing information globally. For example, it is easier and cheaper to share books online around the world than actually sending printed books. Online resources and books are also editable and can be updated with new information and upgrades than the traditional books.  Also, there are audio textbooks which present a different option than the traditional textbooks, allowing students to listen to the books at any time. Also online textbooks also come with easy search tools, allowing students to quickly sieve through the books to get specific information. This is an upgrade on the traditional bibliography provided in traditional books which can take a long time with searching. There are other special features provided with digital textbooks not provided in traditional textbooks e.g.  Interactive models, moveable shapes and diagrams, videos etc.

Overall, while choosing either online textbook option or the traditional textbooks is an individual decision, the shift to a more technological based world makes it logical and reasonable to choose online textbooks than traditional textbooks.