Man proposes, God disposes

We all go through that phase during our early years where everything we want to be in the future becomes a calculation in our minds. We calculate when we finish from school, get a job, marry, and retire etc. in our heads. The reality however is that a lot of those plans do not come as planned. “Man proposes, God disposes” in my own words means that we make plans for the future but it is uncertain whether they will turn out the way we have planned.The saying “man proposes, God disposes” has had a personal link to me. When I was much younger, I had my future in calculation. I calculated when I would finish my education, become a successful medical doctor, marry my long time crush and live happily ever after. So much for a boy’s dreams! Right now, I am not in line with the timeline I set then but it will be fair to say that setting those goals has helped me up to this point. Having such ideas gave me set goals on what to accomplish in life and at a certain point and how to go about getting them. I am transferring with the aim to keep up with the goals that I set while I was much younger. I hope to finish up with the pre-med degree necessary for me to be a suitable candidate for a medical school, complete the other necessary requirements and get admitted. Hopefully I will have enough time to catch up on those goals I set some 13 years ago.