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Bitten……by the blog bug!

hi people.. …basic introduction- my name is oladimeji, 7ft.5inches(u have to believe dat), student, 15 yrs old(0), male(had to state dat immediately, the world is changing people!)…..well the rest isn’t important…before i continue, whenever you see this;(0) or (1) at the end of a sentence, it means the information is false or true. OK, now to business, why the blog? someone might ask//well, ive been reading a lot(0) and something inside me has always wanted to express itself, writing isn’t new to me although i will say creating this blog after previously claiming i would not means ive been bitten and infected with the blog virus…thank God it is free. so im going to use this as a medium to open up myself to the world,learn to accept criticism from readers in order to improve myself, convey information to others among several other things..until i can cure myself… people, i welcome you and hopefully we can help shape our intellectual beings together….domo arigato..yeah, i speak Japanese too, English is my third language , so overlook the grammatical errors  (0)….

Hello world!

Boredom( first son of loneliness) can bring the worst out of a man….and can also make you do things you wont even think of doing…looking for positive ways to free my mind